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Great Curb Appeal!

3625 Silver Maple, New Orleans, LA 70131 – New Listing

Located on the West Bank of New Orleans in Tall Timbers in a quiet cut-de-sac only 5 minutes to the Crescent City Connection and downtown New Orleans. Rouses, TJ Maxx are minutes away as well as … [Continue Reading]

Road Home Program

Post Katrina Road Home Program – 10 Years Later

From what I understand the Road Home Program was instituted to help homeowners displaced or with significant damage receive funds so that they could return home after Hurricane Katrina. The program … [Continue Reading]

Fair Housing

The American with Disabilities Act – What It Means and How Far We Have Come in 25 Years

This article is from Curbed and is the history of how the ADA became law and how it has changed our concepts of design and how very important it is to the lives of millions of people. The ADA at … [Continue Reading]

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 6.33.56 PM

Trader Joe’s is Coming to Metairie! Yeah!

For anyone who didn't move to the New Orleans metropolitan area because there was no Trader Joe's you can now move here. The 2nd half of 2016 they will be opening in Metairie. "The … [Continue Reading]

3d piggy bank with dollar symbol isolated on white background

Do You Use Paypal?

July 21 Update: An apology from Paypal,,,they will not be robocalling you! We value our relationship with you and work hard to communicate clearly. Recently, however, we did not live up to our own … [Continue Reading]

Aerial View of New Orleans

Some Beautiful Aerial Views of New Orleans

Go Pro Cameras are controversial and have been used at times to invade the privacy of individuals in their homes. For the most part however you can get some wonderful videos. Thank you to Simon … [Continue Reading]


I Must Present the Offer, It’s the Law

So, a new law was passed in Louisiana which makes it mandatory that all offers to sell real estate be presented even if you the seller do not want to hear them. Before this law a seller could … [Continue Reading]

445Atlantic Front

445 Atlantic Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70014

New listing placed onto the multiple listing service yesterday. 445 Atlantic Avenue is located in the Historic neighborhood of Algiers Point across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter. … [Continue Reading]


How Many Real Estate Agents Do You Know?

So, sometime this month a new movie about real estate and real estate agents will open with Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman. In the reviews it says that the depiction of the agent in this movie is … [Continue Reading]


New Orleans is a Complicated City with 73 Neighborhoods!

Orleans Parish which includes the City of New Orleans is divided by zip code, neighborhoods, wards, Historic Districts, City Planning Districts, Police Districts. The Multiple Listing Service in the … [Continue Reading]

Home inspection

Is It The Seller’s House or the Buyer’s Home Inspection?

When a buyer for residential real estate does their home inspection do they have the right to "their time" in the house with the home inspector? Does the owner/seller/agent of the property have the … [Continue Reading]


I Get Spammed Too, That’s Why I Won’t Do it To You –

So, when you have a website on the internet you are open to being contacted by individuals looking to sell you something. I am contacted on a regular basis mostly by email but sometimes by phone to … [Continue Reading]