Need a Smoke Detector?

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The City of New Orleans Fire Department will come to your home and provide two free smoke detectors and/or change the batteries of the elderly or physically challenged individuals.  This program is supported by Friends of the New Orleans Fire Department. The application is on the City of New Orleans website or you can call ... [Continue Reading]

Willie Mae’s on St. Charles Avenue, Just Opened


Yesterday Willie Mae's restaurant opened.  Today starting at 11am when they opened they were packed. lines to order.  This is a second restaurant for a landmark restaurant in New Orleans.  The original Willie Mae's has a long history and is located at 2401 St. Ann Street in Treme and now they are located at 7457 St. Charles Avenue as well. They ... [Continue Reading]

Welcome to the National Association of Realtors!


Four years ago the National Association of Realtors held their annual meeting in New Orleans and they will be back on November 3-8, 2014, all 75,000 members.  The City of New Orleans has come a long way in the past 4 years, new restaurants, lot's of reconstruction, population numbers rising...New Orleans is still a fun and engaging place but like ... [Continue Reading]

Tile – Track Your Lost or Stolen Items – There’s An App for That

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So, this past Friday my brand new small clutch bag was taken off a counter at a local bakery.  I don't carry any cash, or credit cards or anything of importance but it is still upsetting.  I have been thinking about trying a product called Tile which is a small square that you drop into or attach to items such as keys, bags and bicycles and you can ... [Continue Reading]

9 Years Post Katrina – How is New Orleans Doing?

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Nine years after Hurricane Katrina, what does the very latest data say about how New Orleans and the region are doing?  The Data Center in New Orleans is a resource of independent experts who look at issues from government, business, nonprofit and community perspective and provide data that allows for informed decisions.  The most recent is Katrina ... [Continue Reading]

If You See Something, Say Something – What to Do


  If you know of crime in your neighborhood, drugs in a home down the block or anything else that should be reported to the police there is a way to anonymously do that.  You can text, you can call and yes there is an app for that. CrimeStoppers at 504.822.1111 If you have a phone with a number with an area code other than 504 you can ... [Continue Reading]

Join the City of New Orleans for the Ice Bucket Challenge – August 28th, 2014

Ice bucket

The Ice Bucket Challenge has people emptying a bucket of ice water on their heads and then donating money to fight ALS otherwise known as Lou Gehring's disease.  As of this evening 9.5 millions dollars has been donated and counting.  From the Wire: The Ice Bucket Challenge is meant to raise money for the national ALS Association, which raises ... [Continue Reading]

Do You Know What Street You Are On? Maybe Not, in New Orleans

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One of the more interesting things in the City of New Orleans are missing street name signs and traffic signs.  So, when someone moves to New Orleans they haven't a clue where they are and they might use a navigation system.  Navigation says make a left on "Such and Such' street as  you drive down a main street like Napoleon, you get to the left ... [Continue Reading]

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