ADA Act and Fair Housing Law Are Not The Same


A question recently on Fair Housing having to do with service animals.  Can  you ask for a doctors note if a consumer wants to rent your property and they have a service animal?  Well the American with Disabilities Act says one thing and the Federal Housing Laws say another.  Who trumps who?  The American with Disabiities Act applies to commercial ... [Continue Reading]

How Recent Legislative Changes Affect Flood Insurance

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FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program has prepared a fact sheet about what is going on with Flood Insurance..... please click through to the PDF below...  Makes it simple to understand. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is in the process of implementing Congressionally mandated reforms required by the Homeowner Flood ... [Continue Reading]

What Real Estate Agents Should and Shouldn’t Say About Flood Insurance


Here is a PDF from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) with guidance as to what real estate agents/broker responsibility is regarding flood insurance.  We are not insurance agents and with the changes in flood insurance this past year we can not be giving any advise to a buyer or seller regarding flood insurance...out of our sphere of ... [Continue Reading]

New Law Being Proposed Regarding Home Inspectors and Mold and Real Estate Agents Recommending Home Inspectors

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Coming up for discussion in the Louisiana State Legislature on Monday, April 21, 2014 proposed new laws about Home Inspectors.  The new law would require Home Inspectors to include in their reports information about the possibility of mold in a property.  There are professional mold inspectors and presumably Home Inspectors now recommend a buyer ... [Continue Reading]

The Most Recent Status of the Flood Insurance Legislation to Delay Biggert-Waters


Update 3/13/04The Senate has voted to approve the Flood Insurance Act and now Present Obama needs to sign this into law.  From the National Association of Realtors:   NAR Issue Brief: Flood Insurance Side by Side Comparison The Senate passed legislation this week that would delay implementation of the Biggert - Waters Act and the the ... [Continue Reading]

How To Protect Your Home From A Fire Started by Batteries

Daylight Savings Time 2013

  I never knew about the danger of 9 Volt batteries in the home.  The gentlemen in this video is spreading the word because his home burnt down and the fire was started by a 9 Volt battery he had removed from his Fire Detector and stored in his garage for recycling.  It is something we all need to be cautious about and ... [Continue Reading]

Alternative Solutions to Delaying Biggert – Waters from SmarterSafer.Org

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John Boehner says the House won't repeal flood insurance hikes as had been hoped for.  In reading about Flood Insurance I came across a site that has interesting alternatives and practical views about the whole flood insurance issue.  They offer some reasonable solutions to the issues. Who is  From their ... [Continue Reading]

Flood Insurance Reauthorized in 1981 – a History of the Flood Insurance Program

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An article from The New York Times dated 1981 : Congress last summer reauthorized the flood-insurance program for fiscal 1982 but expressed concern over the mounting cost of coastal insurance and called for recommendations to reduce these outlays. Simply abolishing the coastal portion of the program would not solve the problem. Structures would ... [Continue Reading]

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