Costco is Opening in New Orleans, Mid 2013

Costco, New Orleans

******PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME FOR INFORMATION ABOUT APPLYING FOR A JOB AT COSTCO. I am a real estate agent and if you want to sell or buy a residential property then call me. The following is for information that Costco will be opening in New Orleans. I believe that the opening will be sometime in August but this is not confirmed********


Construction is ongoing but the framed warehouse is up. Costco is opening at the old Carrolton Shopping Center at Carrolton and Palmetto Street on a lot that has been vacant since Hurricane Katrina.

Is Costco just another big warehouse shopping type store or is there some reason I might want to shop there. Yes, there is a reason you would want to shop at Costco. The corporate culture is the reason. Costco refused to reduce their employee’s salaries during the downturn in the economy and they pay their employees well. 88% of their employees have health insurance. Don’t you want to support a company that cares about the people that work for them? Some others things to know:

  • Costco is the second largest retailer in the United States second only to Walmart
  • There are 627 Costco warehouses around the world
  • Sales have grown 39% over the past five years

The City of New Orleans Office of Economic Development has been helping potential employees with applications and information. They expect 5000-8000 appplicants for 200 jobs.

A membership in Costco costs $55.00/year and they make their money on the memberships rather than the mark ups on the products they sell. The opening of this particular Costco in Orleans Parish means that people can spend their money in Orleans Parish and help the City with taxes. It’s a win-win.

Business Week had a featured article about Costco last month, The Cheapest and Happiest Company in the World, if you want more details.



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